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supporting new and existing wildlife hospitals to treat sick and injured

Australian wildlife affected by the bushfires.

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to help fund Koala-Aid


Our wildlife has been decimated by the unprecedented severity of the recent bushfires, and needs the very best of specialist care and expertise to survive and thrive. If we hope for a positive outcome, it won't happen...we need to invest in these incredible animals, giving them the standard of care enjoyed by our companion animal friends to help them recover, rehabilitate and re-populate. It is clear that with habitat decimated by fire, many Koalas and other species who have survived the blaze will not be able to be released any time soon, either because of the severity of their injuries or the threat of starvation in the wild.

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With many individuals now needing to be kept in captivity across our vast continent until eucalyptus forests re-grow, it can take up to seven years for a gum tree to sustain a resident Koala. These animals will have to be cared for and monitored closely as a result of the stress and burns they have endured, and if given the very best of Veterinary care, hopefully will play a vital role in breeding programmes that will inevitably follow.


This fund will help provide for those hospitals and communities that may have been overlooked in the amazing outpouring of sympathy and generosity towards our iconic animals plight, helping to ensure funds are fairly and evenly distributed to where they are needed most. Australia is a vast country and having suffered the disastrous first of simultaneous raging fires in all states and territories of our great land, there is much work to be done on many fronts by many unsung animal heroes.

Your money will not only help finance new and existing specialist wildlife Veterinary centres but also provide for specially designed vehicles to support the incredible animal carers in their local communities, a wildlife ambulance available to rescue patients and transport them to hospitals quickly and safely for treatment.


I am passionate about the wildlife of my homeland Australia and promise to ensure that donations go to those that need them, our iconic native animals.

Visit for more info and to donate.  Please give what you can...if you prefer, how about joining families around the world in my Kookies4Koalas campaign and baking cookies for friends, neighbours, school friends and the community to raise awareness and funds for KoalaAid?

Best wishes and Thanks.

Dr Scott




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